- Direct and Secure File Transfers

What's is is the answer to modern concerns about privacy in the Internet. It provides an efficient, secure and easy way to transfer files.

How is different?
The main difference of is that your files are never copied to any cloud or server, but are transferred directly to your recipients.

For example, if you send files using a typical file sharing platform or by attaching them to an email (even encrypted one), you would need to upload your files to external servers or clouds. This would mean that you would create additional copies of your files and most likely you would not even control how many copies and where they would be created. And if you delete your files from there afterwards, the copies could still be stored in some backups in the Internet.

On the contrary, does not create any copies. Instead, it generates the sharing link without the need to upload your files to anywhere. The service starts to transfer the files to your recipient at the very moment your recipient is directly connected to you by using the link. The connection created between you and your recipient is not only direct (browser-to-browser), but is also encrypted and closest. It means if your recipient is located within your local network (an office or home wi-fi, for example), and it is possible for your browsers or devices to directly connect with each other, the file transfer will be executed within this closed network, as if you would directly send files between devices using Bluetooth or like using Apple’s AirDrop technology.

Here are the main Advantages:
- Secure, Direct, Easy and Free
- Transfer and share sensitive data of any file type
- Send and receive with encryption and password-protection
- Compliance to strict German and EU data privacy laws
- The files are never copied to any server or cloud
- No one has access to the files that you transfer through
- For any platform, the only requirement is a web browser
- No registration or installation required

And more.. Check at Inline link
Please see how it works Inline link

Pricing plan (offered for free): Freemium
Free access: unlimited
Client type:
(B2B): Business pilot clients
(B2C): Consumer early adopters
Android App
iOS App
Industry: File Transfer and Sharing
Stage: Full Launch
Requirements: web browser

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