JOI: Mindful Mood Tracker

JOI is a perfect tool for keeping a mood journal in a simple and funny way. Especially if you are not a bullet journalist and don’t have time to keep a mood tracker by hand, carefully drawing flourishes with colorful pens.

*** How it helps ***

• If you feel that you are affected by your emotions and for this reason you can’t control your life, mood tracking app could spot some real issues that need to be resolved;

• Tracking your mood could help identify depression and anxiety triggers that would benefit your quality of life;

• Relationship crisis? Advise your partner or friend to track your moods together and analyze what makes you both sad, what irritates you, what makes you happy. It’s a good way to look at yourself from the outside and get along with your closest ones;

• Observe the correlation between your mood and activities during the day to see the patterns in your life;

• Mood charts can help your physician, therapist, or psychiatrist give you a more accurate diagnosis.

*** How it works ***

  1. Choose the day to add your mood. It’s not a big deal if you forgot to add your mood yesterday, you can get back and analyze your past days anytime.

  2. Choose from various emojis the one that depicts your mood most accurately.

  3. Analyze your mood by describing it in a few words, answering a couple of questions to make understand what affects your mood and how you can get the best of it.

  4. Choose activities and the weather of the day to identify the impact of those on your mood.

  5. Statistics show an overview of your notes so you can analyze how consistent you are in keeping the mood journal, how many good and bad days you had and the top of your activities.

Lead a healthy, productive and happy life. EnJOI it!

Pricing plan (offered for free): Freemium
Free access: 1 year
Annual savings (in $): $19,99
Client type:
(B2B): Business pilot clients
(B2C): Consumer early adopters
Android App
iOS App
Industry: Health & Fitness
Stage: Full Launch

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