DailyState - Motivational Journaling App

DailyState is a motivational journaling app in which you define goals, and then write about your progress and state of mind. The build-in coach makes sure you stay on track by notifying you about your progress.

For example, you can define a goal to finally launch that side-project you always wanted to do, and that you will work on it 3 times a week. The coach will then check whether you've written about it at least 3 times a week and notify you of that progress. It's feels like somebody watching and helping you to get things done.

Another cool thing is that you can track stats about yourself, such as headaches, happiness or when you've met with friends. Any search is turned into stats providing great insights about yourself.

Pricing plan (offered for free): full access
Free access: 1 year
Annual savings (in $): 49
Client type:
(B2B): Business pilot clients
(B2C): Consumer early adopters
Android App
iOS App
Industry: Productivity, health
Stage: Beta Release
Additional benefits: earn lifetime free
Requirements: create 30 entries, provide feedback and a testimonial, send a tweet, get lifetime free!

Public discussion (1)

Satya van Heummen

2 years ago

I've created DailyState because any other journaling app didn't provide me the insights that actually could help me grow personally. This app stopped me from procrastinating and I'm pretty sure it can help you build new habits, get things things done and increase happiness.

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