VectorStyler - Illustration and graphics software for Mac

VectortSyler is a drawing and illustration software for the Mac. Our goal is to offer a complete vector graphics solution for illustrators and design professionals. VectortSyler will be available under a single purchase, traditional software license, without any subscription.

VectortSyler comes with all the features expected from a modern, state of the art vector graphics software. In addition, a considerable number of new and innovative features are introduced to improve and simplify the illustration and vector graphics workflow.

VectorSyler is a native desktop app, optimized for performance.

The detailed list of features can be found at:

Some highlighted features of VectorStyler:

  • color effects to adjust color of selected objects.
  • object blend and contour effects.
  • over 100 nondestructive image effects applied on vector objects, vectors remain editable.
  • adjustment layers and adjustment objects: apply image effects on object backdrop.
  • selecting objects by attribute (fill or stroke style similarity)
  • symbols and style overrides.
  • variable width strokes and interactive tool to adjust local stroke widths.
  • multiple fill and stroke on objects.
  • artwork masking and clipping options.
  • bend distortion: stretch a group of objects along a curve, while using variable width for stretching.
  • elastic warp distortion.
  • mesh and envelope distortion.
  • mesh gradient and interactive editing of meshes.
  • shape distortion (vector) effects.
  • real vector brushes: the content of the brush are and remain vector objects.
  • brush types: artistic, pattern, scatter and bristle brush types.
  • pencil and brush stabilizer modes.
  • rotated guidelines, grids and rotating the document view.
  • collision snapping for precise object positioning.
  • vector tiling pattern fill.
  • gradients with custom shapes.
  • multiline paragraph composer.
  • text on path and interactive editing of position of text along the path.
  • flow text in multiple frames and artboards.
  • import native AI files, retain swatches, brushes, tiling patterns.
  • also import PSD with layers and adjustment effects.
  • shape builder tool to interactively edit and create shapes.
  • shape paint groups to provide dynamic planar maps feature (aka live paint)

The public beta is now available and can be downloaded from:

Pricing plan (offered for free): 99
Free access: unlimited
Annual savings (in $): 99
Client type:
(B2B): Business pilot clients
(B2C): Consumer early adopters
Android App
iOS App
Industry: Graphics and Design
Stage: Beta Release
Additional benefits: Improving the state of the art of illustration software
Requirements: Actively using VectorStyler and reporting any issues

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