MonsterWriter - Distraction Free Writing for Scientific Papers

Distraction free writing for scientific pagers and pillar content.

MonsterWriter is a writing app that let's you focus on composing content instead of worrying about formalities. It combines the benefits of Word and a professional typesetting system called LaTeX. You do not have to move around headings and images form one page to the other. Inserting a new section at the beginning will not destroy the whole layout of your work. MonsterWriter follows the approach to separate the content composition and the typesetting - bringing the content to a printable page layout.

Free access: unlimited
Annual savings (in $): ~60$
Client type:
(B2B): Business pilot clients
(B2C): Consumer early adopters
Android App
iOS App
Industry: Writing, Publishing, Students
Stage: Beta Release
Additional benefits: Your feedback counts. High likelihood to get your feature requests realized.
Requirements: MacOS

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