ntile - Create your unified workspace

ntile is a tool to manage your business, create open information portals, develop communications between partner companies, build knowledge bases, keep blogs.

Main use cases for the service:

  • Internal and external collaborations
  • Business management (project management)
  • Open information portals
  • Company knowledge bases

Key service advantages:
- easy-to-find information
- highly customized settings
- simple and fast to implement
- safe data storage
- comfortable collaborative work with data
- endless platform potential
- highly user-adaptive
- prompt and effective support
- lots of pre-made solutions
- multiple device compatibility (you can use ntile on any device anywhere)


Internal and external collaborations:

  • Collaborative work with docs and tables
  • Adaptive management panel in a space
  • Access permission system within a space
  • Notification panel for actions in a space
  • Providing information with forms (giving access permission to fill out the form only)
  • Unlimited opportunities for data interrelations (consider information from different angles)
  • Multiple solutions for data visualization (gallery, list, card, document, table)
  • Business management (project management):

Endless data nesting
- Considering data from different angles (data in a space can be interrelated, which enables looking at an entity from different perspectives)
- Adaptive management panel in a workspace
- Access permission system
- Creating custom reports, queries (convenient data analysis)
- Individual configuration of information display
- Interrelation of all business information
- Platform to create open information portals:

Structured content
- Creating queries to use them for data analysis
- Access permission system for users (different roles in a workspace)
- Multiple solutions for data visualization
- Creating forms and questionnaires to fill out
- Aggregation of data received in a convenient and structured way
- Tool for creating company knowledge bases
- Adaptive management panel in a space (create your own structure and categorization)
- Access permission system
- Endless data nesting
- Adding various elements (photos, videos, files, text, tables)

Service features:

  • Interlinked (interrelated) data in the space
  • Global search system
  • Adaptive space management panel
  • Endless nesting
  • Multifunctional tables (enhanced functionality of tables)
  • Document templates
  • Endless data interrelations within a workspace
  • Collaborative work with information (comfortable collaborative work with data)
  • Access permission system
  • Notification panel for actions in a space
  • Custom forms and surveys, with a possibility to further analyze the collected data
  • Simple and clear content presentation; different types of visualization (gallery, table, list)
  • Minimal user interface of the service
  • Building custom reports (queries)
  • Fast data filtering (every user can create own filters)
  • Adding files, images, code blocks, lists, and youtube videos available to watch right in the service
  • Fast import of information with ntile Web Clipper
Pricing plan (offered for free): Free
Free access: unlimited
Client type:
(B2B): Business pilot clients
(B2C): Consumer early adopters
Android App
iOS App
Industry: SaaS
Stage: Beta Release
Additional benefits: pilootz users will keep free accounts forever after applying promocode PILOOTZ (even if we will start charging for platform in the future)
Requirements: none

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